The old schoolhouse is a significant building because it is believed this is where Apu was housed while in St. Anna.  Apu recalls conversations where his barracks were referred as in the schoolhouse. At first, my father accepts that this is the place where he was kept. But there are discrepancies; things about the building and the surrounding topography don't match his recollection.  Still, a lot can change in 60 years.

The schoolhouse, just steps from the town church, is a two-story structure. But my father distinctly remembers the barracks he was in had only one floor. The Church across the street has been here for hundreds of years.  With its spire reaching high up to the sky, it is the most prominent building in town.  Yet, Apu doesn't remember the church as having been next door to where he stayed. Upon further study, Apu announces he is now convinced this was NOT where he was housed.  Later, we will actually be able to see inside the old schoolhouse, confirming without a doubt that this is not the place. We have a mystery: where were the barracks where Apu was kept?  

Mr. Schober drove us directly to the Old School building of St. Anna. For me it was a totally strange building. I don’t remember ever seeing that building before. I was told that over the years the building had minor restoration and regular maintenance, which is probably what contributed to my confusion. For sixty years, I had believed that we were housed in the school building. Also there are ample documents in the archives indicating that Hungarian–Jewish Forced Laborers were housed in the school building. I did remember that I was in a single story building and this structure was two stories high. I had doubts. Are we in the right village? Are we in the right country? Are we in the right universe? Or this is just a nightmare? Or a diabolical trick? Or is it just a mirage?

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